Random Rants Ramblings of a Random Spec

Who knows and who cares? Compilation of random thoughts opinions and experiences of a Random person somewhere on this blue planet.

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Basic Need

I have a need to think criticallyTo analyze and to thinkI enjoy letting my mind wanderWhen my reality stink I suck at poetry

Finding Dory

I’m sorry I didn’t listen 😞 to wisdom I’m sorry I was disconnected From my body From reality In front of me Now I rejection the rejecting Acceptance the accepting Cling to truth Live in reality Love my children My best friend And zo Dear willow Vibrant violet Flower 🌹 Shark Shark 🦈 They wereContinue reading “Finding Dory”


I know I made mistakes Can we take a step back And breathe? I panicked Feared you panicking And messed up I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion Only yours We are like two bunnies Enjoy the meadow Hop too fast Sprint too fast Can we please take a step back? Not hop Not runContinue reading “Step”

Judged & Rejected

All her life She’s been judged And rejected Pointing fingersHer direction From people who had no idea what she was going through No idea What it was like To walk three feet In her shoes Judged about her parenting by those who have no kids Judged about her way of being by people who alreadyContinue reading “Judged & Rejected”


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